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June 24, 2019

We can’t turn a blind eye to what is happening in our country right now, as so many Germans did before and during WWII.


Just because it’s not happening to *us* doesn’t make it any less WRONG and a crime against Humanity.


That there are people out there who not only see nothing wrong with what is currently going on under Trump and whatever the hell the Republican Party has become in recent years, there are those who actively support and openly applaud it.


It makes me physically ill to know this kind of crap is going on in a country that has been populated by immigrants from all over the world from the very first human to set foot in North America via the Bering Strait, thousands of years ago.


Children in cages, separated from their parents. Some of those children newborn infants. These small detainees are being denied decent food, soap, toothbrushes, and the other basic needs that help to keep people healthy.


If you support this sort of monstrous behavior, tell me why you think it's appropriate to do this to innocent children? Personally, I think that if you support what's going on right now, you're a fucking monster.


March 17, 2019

Just a few days ago, there was a mass shooting at a pair of mosques in New Zealand. The shooter, was found and subsequently arrested. Things he has published and has said things that clearly identify him as being an ultra-Nationalist racist and bigot.


As of this blog post, 50 people, including children,  died as a result, with many more still in the hospital, fighting to survive. Innocent people, who were targeted for being Muslim.


In the few days since this gross tragedy, the government of New Zealand has acted quickly to change the legality of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. There does not appear to have been any real attempt to circumvent this change in their firearms laws, which makes me glad.


What makes me angry is that when mass shootings of this sort happen in the United States, there are those immediately say it is "too soon" to address the legal aspects of the ownership of automatic and semi-automatic weapons, with plenty of money and favors passed out by firearm-loving individuals and groups who have no wish to see a change to the status quo.


So, if it is "too soon" right after the event, when does it become an appropriate time to address it? We've had school shootings, the horrific slaughter of innocents in Las Vegas, and so many other such events over th past couple of decades, and it is apparently never the "right time".


This is nauseating.


March 11, 2019

Wow! We'already in a New Year.

As you can see, it's all gotten away from me since my last entry here in October of 2018, when I was still wondering what the next election would bring.


Well, the Republicans in the House had their asses handed to them, and we Democrats not only got the required number of seats to have a chance of passing legislation there, we even surpassed that number!


That was something the Republicans did not expect in the least.


Yes, I smiled.


It didn't take long before there was evidence discovered of voting shenanigans, with Republicans (rather than Democrats, once again), doing their utmost to get into office, no matter what they had to do to get there.


October 28, 2018

We're a week from the midterm elections, and it appears the Republicans are up to their same old dirty tricks in a concerted effort to keep political Progressives from voting. In some States, they've even gone so far as to remove voters from the rolls before election day, and in some cases, have made polling places as difficult as possible for potential voters to use by putting them in out-of-the-way places that are a considerable distance from sources of public transportation.


If that is not an overt subversion of Democracy, I really don't know what is, folks. That so many of our citizenry are permitting this to continue only calls into question their own political leanings, and, quite frankly, that discovery makes me feel physically ill.


Our Country was founded because of gross inequities in the way that those who governed behaved towards we, the governed. We even fought a long and hard war over that very thing. A scant eighty years later, we fought another war, this time between different factions of American citizenry, over slavery.


In the case of those who would be denied their Constitutionally-guaranteed right to vote, I would sincerely hope that there will be some way that others will ensure that the nearly-disenfranchised citizens of the United States of America receive the assistance they require in order to vote.


A friend of mine recently pointed out that certain members of our American community have outed themselves as horrific racist monsters, and that they will be unable to hide themselves again, once we somehow manage to take back our Country from them.

I find some solace in that thought, and I hope we can hound these bastards to the ends of the Earth. They have no place in a civilized society.


March 19, 2018

The current political climate in the United States is scaring the shit out of me.


I've been watching our nation become increasingly fascistic, and people I might have otherwise considered to be decent folks are allowing their personal filters to drop away, revealing themselves to be little better than neo-Nazis.


People who previously pretended to be sensible people are supporting an openly racist, misogynistic, narcissistic, con artist who bullshitted his way into the office of the presidency of this country. They don’t see how much they resemble so many of the citizens of pre-War Germany, when Hitler was working them all up into a horrific, nationalistic frenzy that ended with World War II and millions of innocents done to death at the hands of Hitler’s minions.


And the willing blindness of the German people who supported Adolf Hitler.


It seems that no matter how much incontrovertible evidence is presented, Trump’s fans refuse to step back and really look at him. To see that he continues to be exposed as the reprehensible individual that he is. It’s willing blindness all over again.


Recordings that clearly show how he feels entitled to do whatever he likes to and with women, based upon his money and celebrity.


A vast paper trail showing how his election was accomplished with the eager participation of the agents of a hostile country.


An inability to hold onto his temper, instead blasting his opinions across the world using a social media platform.


The continuing exodus of White House employees from their positions either through resignations or outright firings, in numbers that greatly surpass those during previous administrations.


We’ve seen what happens when people ignore the evidence right in front of them.


There are some few who voted for him who are now actively questioning their vote, but there are countless others who don’t seem to care. Or perhaps they’re too embarrassed to admit they made a mistake?


Is it worth noting that the majority of these willfully-blind voters are of a light skin tone and of a particular religious bent?


I think it just might be.


I can’t listen to the man speak. His voice actually turns my stomach. His posture as he bloviates resembles that of a stand-up comedian on the stage. The wheedling, whining voice. The one shoulder raised in a half-shrug, and you can almost picture him clutching a microphone in one chubby fist as a talisman against the darkness that conceals the audience before him.


You know the kind.


The one who believes that everyone loves him and the “jokes” he tells. The “pranks” he plays.


The one who shows up for open mic night at your local comedy club and tries to prove to their friends who are sitting in the audience, nursing crummy beers, that they actually do tell funny jokes.


Well, a whole hell of a lot of us aren’t laughing.


Being the leader of a country as large as the United States is not a laughing matter. It is something quite serious.


We need to be taking our current situation very seriously indeed.


You’re not funny, Donnybrook, and you are not my president in even the tiniest sense of the word.


You are dangerous and a world-class embarrassment, and I hope to see you do prison time in the very near future.

March 11, 2018

At this time, the Federal government is all about legislating heavily in regard to both behind the counter and over the counter drugs. The prescription drugs (behind the counter) because of the growing "opioid crisis", and non-prescription (over the counter) because of fears that nefarious types will use those relatively unmonitored drugs to make more dangerous drugs.

You may not know it, but the government even keeps an eye on you if you purchase large quantities of essential oils such as camphor or sassafras, for that reason. It doesn't matter if you're going to use it to make herbal remedies or you just like the smell of the stuff, if there is any chance it can be used to make something like meth, they're going to get a notification from the supply house you buy from that you've done so.

They're keeping a close eye on you. They've got a computerized list and they're engraving your name and Driver License information on it. It's not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, the government seems to want to know as little as possible about those who purchase firearms. As long as you can pay for it, they don't seem to give a shit about your plans for your new manual or semi-manual, or not-at-all-manual boomstick.

When mass shootings happen, the conservatives immediately insist that it's "too soon" to talk about and even enact legislation that stands a real chance of preventing something like that from happening again.

The most recent school shooting that killed 17 people is recent, so okay, maybe that's "too soon", but what about Sandy Hook and Las Vegas and those shootings that happened before and after them? Is it still "too soon" to start doing something because months and even years have passed since they happened?

Brenda Spencer went off a few decades ago. Perhaps that's no longer "too soon". Let me know. She didn't like Mondays, so perhaps you can address it on any other day of the week.

How much time must pass until it is no longer "too soon" and Congress can address the issue of repeated massacres?

As far as I'm concerned, too many members of Congress are the eager lapdogs of the National Rifle Association, dependent upon financial handouts that they fear will go away if they do anything meaningful to reduce the number of deaths caused by people wielding the weapons they can so easily obtain at this time.

Yes, there are people out there who are responsible gun owners, and I'm cool with that. I'm not about taking guns away from RESPONSIBLE and SANE individuals. I'm about preventing people from purchasing/obtaining firearms in order to hurt others.


It stopped being "too soon" after the first massacre. At this time, it has become "too late".

January 29, 2018

I had sleep apnea for a long time, due to being morbidly obese for several years, but with the major weight loss (medically supervised, everything's fine) I've undergone over the past nearly year and a half, that problem has gone from me.


I've got friends and family who deal with it, and it scares me to know that it's still a thing for them. The mere idea that they could stop breathing permanently between one breath and the next makes me worry about them.


The sheer number of Americans who now suffer from not only obesity, but morbid obesity is rising more with each year. You've seen these folks. A lot of them have been swept into the food-driven part of our culture.

Unhappy? Eat something to feel better.


Happy? Eat something to celebrate.

Hell, see that special cheesy pizza offer on the television commercial? Order delivery and you can munch on it and the free cheesy bread that comes with it while you watch your favorite reality tv show!

Take a moment sometime and watch how many commercials hit the boob tube that feature enticing images of food. If you look closely enough, you'll see that the foods they're trying to sell you are super-sized, loaded with calories, and actually not all that good for you as even sporadic dietary choices.


The result of eating this kind of stuff makes for overweight, obese, and morbidly obese people.


These are the folks you avoid looking at or speaking to on the street. The ones who are often stuck wearing clothing that only accentuates their size. These are the people you don't hire for front office positions because you have the gall to pretend that only pretty people work for you.


Whoever decided that fat women should only have clothing with large patterns on them should be flogged with a polyester one-size-fits-most mumu.


And speaking of polyester, what mental giant decided that people who already have a problem regulating their body temperature because of all that extra padding should wear clothing that doesn't "breathe" as one perspires? Why aren't there more offerings out there of cotton, rayon, silk, or other natural fabrics for larger people?


Hell, I'm sure you've chuckled at the "people of Walmart" photos out there, but it may not be clear to you that many brick and mortar stores don't offer sizes larger than a 1X to customers, and if they want sizes that fit them, they have to order them online. While Walmart may have some questionable hiring and employment practices, at least having larger sizes available allows larger people the opportunity to try something on before buying it.

It's like large-bodied people are being punished for being large in the first place, and that's just not cool at all.

I truly hope you aren't a part of that problem.

January 28, 2018
The current political climate is mind-boggling to me. People who might otherwise be sensible, humane individuals now embrace someone who appears to have no sane grip on reality. Someone who has never had to worry about keeping a roof over their head and food in their belly.

Hell, even someone with student loans to pay off, or having to choose the most reliable used car they can buy with what little cash they can spare.

Instead, the highest office in the land is held by someone who grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth. Whose daddy paid for him to get into college. Who pled plantar fasciitis to stay out of the military during the Draft, but who clearly has spent lots of time in his life playing athletic games like tennis, and those requiring walking, like golf.

You can't have it both ways. Your feet either hurt too much or they don't.

My cousin was drafted into the United States Navy, and he certainly didn't try to claim sore heels as a reason to stay out. He got in, represented his country during the Vietnam War, and was given an honorable discharge when he was done with his term of service. Thus, I am offended by the Orange Agent's lip service to the United States military, as his noises ring thinly on my ears.

I can't be the only person who feels this way. I can't be the only person infuriated by this bullshit. So, where are you all?

Email me with your thoughts, and I'll include them here, providing they aren't simple idiocy.

In my next opinion, I'll address allowing the thief to hire the security guard for the palace.

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