Who am I?

Well, that's a question that a bazillion people have asked about themselves over the countless millennia since the critters that eventually evolved into humankind first decided that indoor plumbing might not be a bad thing after all.

As for me, as near as I can figure it after 50+ years of intense cogitation, I'm a writer.

But I'm not just a writer. I wear so many hats that my hat rack has fallen over.

I'm a writer, and a daughter, and a Mom. I sing all the time. I have a podcast that I started last year, although I haven't been able to give it the attention I'd like. I love words, and I have ever since a tutor my parents engaged taught me how to read. I started devouring books, even "adult level" ones by the age of five, and I don't believe I ever looked back.

I've always been a writer, from the days when I was scribbling on scraps of paper, to the vast number of spiral notebooks I filled with thoughts and stories, to my time spent typing away on the ancient manual Royal typewriter my Mom got me from a secondhand store, and then onward to computers and the like.

I've never not been writing, I suppose.

I started writing professionally because in the course of trying to find reading material I wanted to actually read, I discovered that what I wanted wasn't at all out there.

I've always enjoyed vampire-themed fiction, and that most likely began with my discovery of the old ABC soap opera, DARK SHADOWS.

The saga of Barnabas Collins (a vampire character brought in to lift sagging ratings) caught me up, even as a first grader. I couldn't get enough of Barnabas, Willie Loomis, Quentin, that bratty kid David, Victoria Winters, Maggie Evans, and their companions in drawn-out misery. I would race home from school every day to see what fresh hell awaited them all, and I loved every tiny bit of it, too.

When I went looking for vampire-related material to read in the early 2010's, all I found were so-called vampire romances, where the vampire, however ancient, hated what s/he was, and desperately wanted to escape their (to them) hellish existence. When I came across vampires that didn't even drink blood, that was it for me. I'd had enough and decided it was time to try my hand at writing my own.

Upon publication, I discovered that my fan base seemed to be more than the "normal" fans of the vampire genre. Instead of most of them being female, it appeared that at least an equal number of men were buying and enjoying them as well. I decided that I had been right in assuming that I couldn't be the only one looking for something new and different, and it was a great feeling.

That is how my first novel, Siofra, came to be.

(Before you kill yourself trying to figure out how to pronounce it, it's pronounced "SHE-fruh".)

It went over well with readers, so I pulled up my creative juices once more and started writing the next novel in the series. The first book cried out for more story, and I was game, oh so game.

Along the way, I created a new vampire character with a situation I'd never before seen addressed in the mythos, and I included that character in the second book of the series, Fiach Fola. There will be subsequent short stories told by that character, but that will probably be in a year or two, as of this writing, as I've got some other bits on the burner, and I still have to finish the final book in the Sumaire Web series, Droch Fola.

I'm currently working on a series for young adults and up called The Tales of the Dragonguard. You can see the cover image for the first story in the series, Aya's Dragon, on the main page of this site. It was published in mid-2017, and is available in softcover, as an ebook across several formats, and as an audiobook. The second novel in the series, Sara's Fire, has now been published in ebook and softcover across several digital formats. The audiobook version is forthcoming. There is also a third and fourth entry planned.

What else about me? Hmm...

I live in the small community of San Pedro, about a mile from the ocean. I'm the Mom of a wonderful adult daughter who tolerates my silliness and can sometimes be cadged into offering suggestions for character names or situations, although I try not to push that too terribly much. She gets that deer-in-the-headlights expression when I do that. It's not really nice to put people on the spot, after all.

I spend as much time as possible with my family, as I feel that family is important. You might see some of that opinion in my writing. My own mother, thankfully still with us, is ninety years old as of this writing, and I spend at least four days of every week down in San Diego, helping her out. Yes, that means I spend more time in San Diego than in the city that I officially call Home.

Weird, eh, but we do what we must for our family, and we do it graciously. At least we should.

And I have a very odd sense of humor. My motto is "Better a smart ass than a stupid ass", and I've lived by that. Life's far too short to take it any more seriously than it absolutely necessary.


Anna Rose


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